What Happens When A Sales Person Creates A Business Proposal?

  • June 01 , 2015
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What happens when a sales person creates a business proposal?


Businesses are happening around the world, is no big information. A good businessman most probably will be technically wise and will be good at managing time. Time management though seems to be an age old term is literally the most important and is directly proportional to ROI.  The best you manage time, the best business you make. It is in such an entrepreneurial scenario that a business proposal has its own relevance. Even today more than 85% of the Corporates make their sales team create proposals and answer the RFPs. A sales team will always posses the right tactics to pitch the business and negotiating skills, but when it comes to prepare/write a proposal, it’s not necessary that they impress the client. This is where most of the organisations fall short, & which requires an instantaneous rectification.

The Age-Old Process Still Followed...

It always a wonder to know that in such a fast moving technically savvy world, the way of proposing still lingers around the traditional steps (calling/mailing the client, note down their requirements, search for a proposal template, edit accordingly with a price tag and send). As mentioned above, the duty relies with the sales person, who stuffs the proposal with his presentation skills and ideas, the organisational capabilities, company portfolio, marketing language, and a price tag that make the client rethink. For a sales person beyond winning the business, more important is achieving his monthly target.  It is believed that 87.5% of the sales personals around the world suffer from severe stress and one can imagine what a business proposal created in a stressful panorama would be like.

A sales Person's Perspective

80% of the business proposals thus created with the above perspective have not automated any business,  but the strategy have been falsely believed to be successful  as the proposing rate is very high and as such the rest 20% would be enough for to achieve the monthly deal target and thus its gets balanced out. Most of the times we ignore the impact, the immature business proposals have created which limited 80% chances of business happening.


Drawbacks of the Proposal

  • Less time in creation, so lacks enough market research.
  • Speaks more about the service provider than relating to customer’s problem.
  • Lack of accessibility and reviewing by the higher authorities/management.
  • More than 3/4th of the proposals fail in generating any result.
  • High chances of developing a reputation of unprofessionalism.
  • Single-mindedness might generate prefabricated content.

How a Business Winning Proposal is formed?

  • More people from the top level management & Pre-Sales team should collaborate in its formation and should put ideas.
  • Identify the unsaid underlying problem of the client and propose accordingly.
  • Keep the price tag intact and only escalate if the proposed, make use for the client.
  • Keep it short, mentioning the requirements and solution in a highly professional tone.
  • Keep a track of the earlier, refer and compare the failed and winning proposals.
  • Always limit the organisational details, as they have sent the RFP, after studying you.

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