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  • April 08 , 2013
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Time is of utmost importance everywhere, whether you are writing an examination or you are vying for a particular job or if you are trying to finalize a deal with a potential customer.

Creating proficient proposals require you to invest a considerable amount of time from your already busy schedule. On top of it, when you hurry through making a proposal to meet a deadline, there is every chance of some or the other goof ups creeping in, thereby increasing the chances of the client rejecting the proposal that was so painstakingly created. Hence it is essential to ensure that the process of proposal creation is planned out well in advance and that the time required for each step is calculated and anticipated.

Let’s look at what the major steps are, that eat up a major share of your time whilst creating the much hyped about proposal.

1.      Research

One of the most important, yet time consuming steps. Before creating the proposal, it is necessary that you do some basic research and gain insights into what kind of a client you are going to approach. Thorough study of the company, the website and the activities the client indulges in, takes up a lot of time. But, if your proposal is tailored to meet the client expectations, the plate can tilt in your favor

2.      Comprehend

Understand what the brand stands to represent, learn what the personality of the company is, what the goals and the standards of the company are, who the peers/competitors are etc. All this is not information that maybe readily available, hence is bound to take up a considerable amount of time. A proposal that speaks to a client along the lines of his business will speak volumes about the quality of work you do, giving you a major advantage over any other firms who might be competing with you over this particular deal.

3.      Competition

A very beneficial thing to do is to study who your competitors are, to find out who else is vying for this same deal with you. The most direct way to do this is to ask your potential client, he might not have a problem divulging the names to you. In such a scenario, what is to be done is a strength weakness analysis. Analyze the weaknesses of your competitors and work them out as your strengths. This small but simple step towards building a better proposal will definitely give your proposal a positive review.

4.      Revision

Another major yet neglected step. Revising your proposal is very important, because no matter what steps you have taken to ensure a flawless proposal, there are bound to be silly spelling or grammatical mistakes. Though it might consume some amount of your time, ensure that the final proposal you send out is flawless.

What is the step you spend a lot of time at? How do you manage to meet deadlines when you send your proposals? Post in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you.

  • Rajeev 5 june 2014 01 Aug 2014

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  • Suresh 5 june 2014 01 Aug 2014

    Good Posts

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