How to Choose Business Proposal Software

  • April 08 , 2013
  • Proposal Software

Now you have decided to chug that tedious work of creating business proposals to software. Great as it can give you ample time to focus on what you really must. But before you make the final choice, here are a few pointers on how to choose proposal software that best suits your requirements.

1)  Customizable

Is the proposal software churning out identical proposals for every client like it is minting coins? Are you able to customize the proposal and the templates to meet your business needs? It is not possible to impress your customer with a run of the mill kind of proposal. Give proposals that are clear concise and to the point, all while keeping in mind the need of the customer, only then can the deal be expected to be taken further.

2)  Compatibility

Before getting the actual proposal created by a software, delve deep and do some research. Analyze if the particular software brand about to be used, is compatible to your business and the need of the customer. Can reports, data, graphs and charts be accommodated and adjusted at will? These are some of the question that needs to be asked before finalizing anything.

3)  Interface

Check out the design and usability of the website which grants the access to use the software. It needs to be easy to navigate, to ensure maximum productivity. Verify this for yourself before you commit to anything.

4)  Online Collaboration

Does your software allow multi-user logins and corrections? Can a team work on it together or does it necessitate that a single person needs to work on it end to end? Can the changes made by a team member be tracked? It is at times, most important to be able to share the proposal with team members before it’s actually finalized to be sent to the client. While making your decision, make sure that to choose that proposal software which satisfies all your needs.

5)  Analytics

It is of utmost importance to any business to know what works and what does not. Choose a software that allows you to track the performance of each proposal and improve upon the areas where you may have faltered in the past. Another beneficial factor is to see whether it allows for feedback, for then you can learn from the customers what they thought of your proposal and in the end create better proposals.

What do you think are the most important considerations while choosing a business proposal creation software? Post in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you.

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