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We have made Nibaal Pricing Simple. Pay monthly or yearly as per convenience.
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$ 250 per month

150 Proposals / Month
5 User
750 Repository
30-day trial


$ 500 per month

300 Proposals / Month
10 User
1500 Repository
30-day trial



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Enjoy the Below Features in All Plans

MS Word Plug-in

Open, create and send proposals in Word format with Nibaal’s Word Plug-In feature.

Collaborative Proposal Creation

Co-ordinate with other users while creating a proposal in Nibaal Platform with collaborative proposal creation feature.


In Nibaal, Proposals can be branded with your company or brand name.


Get help while developing new proposals by referring the past proposals stored in the Repository.

Version Control

Endless number of versions of a proposal can be created and it is also easy to edit one version without affecting the other.

Advanced Web Rich Text Editor [RTE]

Proposals can be easily made more informative with advanced web features like Table of Content Generator, Format Painter, Price Table & Insert Module option.

Auto Checkin and Checkout

Manage edits done by multiple users with Auto Check-in & Check-Out.

Track Status

Know the status of the proposal sent to client through Nibaal platform.

Users and Roles - Privileges

Create users and assign different roles & privileges to them.