Collaboration in Document Creation

  • February 25 , 2015
  • Proposal Software

Workplaces are increasingly focusing on the need for collaboration. For the proper handling of a project, it is necessary that there is ample collaboration that happens in an organization. As the companies now have more than one branch and separate departments in each branch, the need for a good collaboration system is profound.

What is collaboration? Collaboration is collectively working towards the completion of a goal which can be creation of a document or brainstorming for ideas to solve a problem. Organizations today however face a great deal of challenge in collaboration. It is usually confined to the segmented conference rooms and not part of their entire work day. Effective collaboration is one which is constant and easy to perform. Some of the bottlenecks to effective collaboration are:  towards the attainment of their goals. Some of these bottlenecks are:

  • Existence of separate departments and team heads to correspond to.
  • Collaboration becomes even tougher when the team-mates are geographically separated and placed in different locations.
  • The lack of technical infrastructure and difference in time zones add to this.

With the onset of cloud computing, collaboration among workers has increased and evolved. Nibaal is one such software that enables online collaboration for creation of proposals. It is cloud based and offers seamless interaction & collaboration between co-workers towards the creation of proposal. It has features that support creation of proposal. Some of the advantages of using Nibaal Proposal Management Platform are:

  • Ability to collaborate from anywhere. Members or users can join in creation of proposal irrespective of their location.
  • Nibaal makes it easy to share the document with colleagues.
  • When one user make edits, it is saved and synced to the server automatically.
  • The invited user can make edits to the document which will be notified to the first user, who can compare and see the changes in the document.
  • Message board that makes it easy for the user to post a message to the team or to an individual member.

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