MS Word Add-in: Uses & Benefits

  • February 25 , 2015
  • Word Add-in

Microsoft Word continues to be the most preferred form of documentation in organizations.  It offers a range of efficient features that makes writing and formatting a document, an easy job. The word processor is considered to be the best because of its efficient features and a highly compatible nature. Some of the features that give it the status of a good word processor are:

  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG): This is a brilliant feature of the word processor in which whatever you write or see on screen gets printed or moved to any other format in exactly the same way.

  • Text level features: MSWord’s text level features are many. It gives you the ability to color your text, make it bold, italic, underlined and strike-through.  It also enables bulleting, justification, change case, font, font size and a lot many features that make it user-friendly. The style of the text can also be modified, space between the texts can be altered etc and more.

  • Page level features: Page level features of the Word format involves page level formatting such as placing margins, changing orientation from portrait to landscape, size of the sheet, indentation, paragraphing, spacing and alignment. There is so much that can be done with the help of Word in formatting a page.

  • Spell check: Word’s spell check is an enviable feature that gives it the status of being the best and most reliable. The spell check option of Word has many resourceful features like the option for grammar check, incomplete sentence notification, auto correct, word meanings and a lot more.

  • Compatibility: Word is a compatible software. It is compatible with most other software programs, especially the other components of MSOffice.

The existence of the Word processor in your proposal creation software can be a huge plus as it reduces the time and effort involved in creating a detailed and structured document. The Nibaal Word Add-in helps you to create amazing and professional documents in Word Format on the Nibaal Proposal Management Platform. All the three interfaces of Nibaal; Nibaal Web, Nibaal Word Add-in and Nibaal windows app, are synced together in the sense that changes made in the document through one interface will be automatically updated in the other two interfaces as well.

Nibaal Word Plug-In offers a variety of tools and features that make it easy for users to set up a document in MSWord.  The Word Plug-In of Nibaal enables users to create, open and send proposals through MSWord. Users can browse and create documents, manage templates, use content library, collaborate, write messages on message board, compare the difference in documents and send documents with the help of Add-in.

Learn how to install Word Add-In to the Nibaal Proposal Management Platform

Some of the benefits that users of Nibaal Word Add-In has:

Create Proposals without changing your work environment

Nibaal gives you the ease of creating and sending proposals without changing your work environment. The word add-in enables you to open, create, generate, save and send to client – all through the comfortable environments of MS Word.

Get all the features of MSWord for creation of Document

Nibaal Word Add-In provides all the features of MS Word, without an exception. It supports MS Word versions like Word 2007, Word 2010 and Word 2013.It also enables document sharing, wherein one user can invite another user to collaborate in development of the document.Login to the windows app by adding the subdomain, username and password and work on creating documents using Word Add-In.

Invite and Collaborate

Through the Nibaal Word Add-In, users can invite other members to join and collaborate in development of the document. It’s a great feature as it involves all the designated members of the organization in developing the document.It also enables collaboration and user-to-user synchronization, wherein one user can invite another user to work on his proposal. When the second user edits the proposal, the first user will be notified about the changes made in document. The first user can compare the two documents and can either save it as a new document or use the option to replace the first document.

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