Importance of Proposal Management Software For Sales Team

  • April 08 , 2013
  • Proposal Software

Over the last few articles, we have been speaking of how business proposal management software helps the management in innumerable ways. Today, let us go in deeper and try to understand what it does for the lower strata of people in the management, viz. the sales department.  
A proposal management software can go a long way in increasing the productivity of the sales team, who are the ones constantly going out of the way to try and enter the good books of the prospective client so as to finalize the deal.
1.    Increased Access for the sales team to updated marketing documents, and it them to get proposals and mail them to the clients within a short while as they do not have to pester the marketing division for the same.

2.    Quick, as there will already be templates on how proposals need to be created. Hence the actual process of creating the proposal can be started as soon as a decision is made without having to waste much time in planning.

3.    Time (add bullet point like time saver) is a very important factor that comes to play in major decisions in any business activity. The proposal software ensures that minimum time is consumed while creating the proposal thus enabling the sales team to approach the client with winning proposals in very short time.

4.    Cost Effectiveness is another major plus point of using proposal software as these save a considerable amount of time for the sales team to lay hands on the proposal ruling out the need to constantly communicate with the marketing division and thereby incur hidden costs. Also, firms need not have to employ separate staff good at creating proposals since the software easily does the same work as another employee.

5.    Hassle free proposal creation is the major boost of using a proposal management software as it minimizes human intervention, thus minimizing the scope for errors of omission or commission. Another fact that ensures hassle free proposal creation is the central storehouse that will be maintained, thereby enabling the team to pool, share and refer to the materials in one place rather than having to go various places to do research.

Is your business using a proposal management software? Have you analyzed the benefits this provides to the sales team? We would love to hear how you have profited from implementing a business proposal management software.

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